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Damage and maintenance of high pressure hose


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Reasons for damage of high pressure hose - poor manufacturing quality
(1) the inner and outer layers of the pipe wall of the high pressure rubber hose are oil resistant rubber, and the middle part is a (2 to 4 layers) cross braided steel wire or a winding steel wire. The poor quality of the hose will appear: tube wall is uneven; wire braid too tight, too loose or too little pressure hose wire layers; after deformation (elongation, shortening or bending deformation) is bigger; the outer rubber air tightness difference due to corrosion of the steel wire; the inner rubber seal of the high pressure oil easily into the wire layer the adhesive and wire layer adhesion problems. The above situation will reduce the bearing capacity of the hose, and eventually burst in the weak wall.
(2) withholding amount of hose and joint assembly and pressing speed improper or joint structure, material, and size selection is not reasonable, can lead to joint and hose pressure tight or too loose, causing joint damage early. The assembly, if the withholding amount is too small, the joint and the hose pressure too loose, in under the action of hydraulic hose disengages from the joint may be at the beginning of the use; if the withholding amount is too large, then the joint and hose pressure too tight, easily lead to local damage by the inner tube, crack, high pressure oil from rupture directly into the wire layer, and then along the rear of the jet slot between the wire across the coat, or along the wire layer up to somewhere accumulated, the outer rubber bulging even cracking. The hose and the joint in the assembly, if held too fast, easy to cause the glue in the wire layer damage and fracture, the damage early in the use of rubber hose.
(3) in addition, the joint design is not reasonable, the processing quality is bad, will cause the glue in the joint damage; if the improper selection of materials, the buckling deformation in the process is easy to produce, thus affecting the quality of crimping, shorten the life of the rubber hose.
In the premise of quality assurance, if used improperly, will greatly shorten the service life of the hose. In practice, most of the high-pressure hose is damaged due to improper use.
Ningjin Hongxiang polyurethane products Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of high pressure hose.
High pressure hose belongs to rubber products, in the use of the process should pay attention to the following points:
1 long term use of high-pressure hose should be regularly checked. (skin wear and aging, wear degree of the joints, recommended weekly inspection).
2 surface cleaning of high pressure hose. Clean the surface of the hose and keep the production material clean. Focus on removing the corrosive material on the surface of the hose
3 when the hose is always in contact with the friction surface, use a protective liner. Reduce friction coefficient, prevent aging, increase service life.
4 hose has been used, the need to use a long time to clean up the material inside the tube. Through the medium closed to save.
5 do not put the hose outside when storing the hose. Avoid due to other factors such as sunlight caused hose aging and pollution.
6 high pressure hoses are not recommended for maintenance. Found hidden dangers to be replaced immediately. Avoid accidents and injuries

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