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When you pay attention to the purchase of ultra-high pressure hose, what do you know


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NINGJIN COUNTY HONGXIANG POLYURETHANE PRODUCTS CO. ,LTD is a high-technology enterprise located in Ningjin county, Dezhou city ,Shandong province , specializing in manufacturing all kinds of high pressure hoses and related hose products , including high-middle pressure thermoplastic hoses, test pressure hoses ,ultra high pressure hose, water jetting hose ,water cleaning hose, paint spray hose ,SAE100R7 R8 hose,sewer jetting hose,CNG hose ,grease hose and so on.

All the products are widely used in different industrial area , such as national defense ,automobile , construction machinery , food machinery, petroleum and chemical, medical ,coal ship manufacturing , especially in hydraulic system , textile machinery, lubrication system and gasoline , this can be called the best updating of rubber hoses.

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What are the conditions of high pressure tubing storage


High pressure tubing storage, should be placed according to the different specifications,  do not mix, and the signs to access. Ultra high pressure hose, high pressure hose, high-pressure pipe, high pressure oil pipe cooling tube storage warehouse, should be kept clean and ventilated, the relative temperature is below 80%, the warehouse temperature should be maintained at between 15~+40 ~ C, and avoid the hose from direct sunlight and rain leaching. High pressure hose, high pressure hose, high pressure oil pipe

The most important thing is the selection of hose must be fair. High pressure hose, high pressure hose, high pressure oil pipe


The appropriate end connection: because of low cost, convenient connection nut and is widely used, but the vibration is large, should give full consideration to the nut loose topic, this time can be taken Portland connection. If the impact pressure of the system is higher than the working pressure of the high pressure hose,  it will not only reduce the service life of the high pressure hose, but also lead to the accident of personal equipment.

Application of high pressure oil pipe in hydraulic transmission


Hydraulic transmission in the lathe, drilling machine, chain wheel bed, grinder, cutting machine, milling machine, planer, widely used l machines and shaking broaching machine, CNC machine tools and other machine tools.

Cleaning method and storage method for high pressure oil pipe


As a kind of high pressure oil rubber tube high pressure oil supply important, in order to achieve better results, we should do a good job of cleaning work when in use, let us look at the relevant details of the cleaning method