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The interference of the life of the ultra-high pressure hose


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Pressure matching
When selecting and using the super high pressure hose, according to the working pressure of the high pressure cleaning machine, select the appropriate pressure level of the hose. When the actual pressure exceeds 1.25 times the specified pressure, the working life of the hose will be reduced by 50%.
In addition, the ultra high pressure hose influencing the service life of very large and ultra high pressure cleaning machine in the work process of the pressure fluctuations, high-pressure spray gun, the control valve opening and closing instant is caused by fluid pressure fluctuation inside the tube etc.. It is recommended that in the purchase of ultra-high pressure hose, should be based on 1.5 times the working pressure to choose. For example: the working pressure of ultra high pressure cleaning machine is 1200bar, the working pressure of 1800-2000bar should be chosen for the high pressure hose. This can greatly extend the service life of ultra-high pressure hose.
Two, path matching
Equipped with a high-pressure hose to choose according to the requirements of the host of ultra high pressure cleaning machine, because of the pressure of ultra high pressure cleaning machines have very strict rules or restrictions and flow, pipe diameter changes and the system will affect the high pressure water jet in the forefront of work force balance. The experimental results show that the diameter of the 4mm ultra high pressure hose can be replaced by the high pressure hose with a specified diameter of 5mm, and the service life can be reduced to 1/3.
Three, ultra-high pressure hose on the use, storage and custody of the specific requirements
(1) in the working condition, the hose must not be twisted and avoid bending. If it requires bending, is to ensure that the bending radius is not too small, generally not less than 15 times the pipe diameter, otherwise it will lead to the enhancement layer outside the wire is stretched inside wire will be compressed, thereby reducing the pressure hose of the compressive strength, and ultimately affect the service life of the hose.
(2) ultra high pressure cleaning machine in working condition, high pressure hose cannot be compacted by heavy, sharp bumps, not bending, to protect the outer don't wear excessively; hanging high pressure pipe to use short distance fixation.

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